I Want To Tell You About The Most Incredible Business‚ The Most Incredible Product‚ It Grows Back Hair‚ It Walks On Water‚ It Raises the Dead!…Really?

And its mascot is a Pink Elephant in Blue Tennis Shoes!
I had the best product the best comp plan‚ yada yada yada. Its amazing how much I hear that daily.

Okay but the bottom line is are you achieving what you got into it for? Lets be frank here it is a check‚ lol. If you didn’t this isn’t for you.

Okay but lets be real for a minute‚ we can spout all kinds of idealistic things that we think we got into it for‚ but we really can’t do it if its not profitable‚ and that means money‚ a check right‚okay yes we got that established. So we talk all the time about the wonderful MLM or network marketing company.

Lets be clear until you get in front of prospects and you have a way to get them to look at what you have there is no money.

We talk about auto-responders‚ blogs‚ social medial‚ even (gulp)‚ getting out in the real world and talking to strangers. The big deal is that we do what our upline gives us to do‚ and (even bigger gulp)‚ it scares us to death!

Rejection is difficult and one of the scariest things most people would rather face the dentist and his mad drill‚ lol! We do know that we have to do it. That action is the system as far as your company is concerned.

And why did I say it was broken? Because its not easy‚ there is a huge amount of rejection‚and people drop out faster than they come in‚ I know I have been there! Not a very pretty picture‚ and there has to be a better answer!.

Then I learned about how to create leads and become a leader in my own You inc! Check out the links below.

To Your Abundant Success!!

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