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no excuses

Top Ten Reason To Attend No Excuses 3 LIVE STREAM EVENT!

My Top 1o Reasons For No Excuses 3!

  1. When attending any event with positive like-minded people no matter what business they are in you never know what you may have that you can share (not always a business opportunity)  You will be rubbing shoulders with very bright, and enlightened people. (IN FACT DON’T COME WITH THE MOTIVATION TO RECRUIT)
  2. There is a positive energy that is irresistible, which it would be very good to be absorbing if you are new to this.
  3. There are always new ideas, and new ways to look at things being shared both from the stage, but most importantly, from other individuals that you meet. My horizons were stretched beyond belief when I started attending these.
  4. Meet up with people from your own company!  You can also master-mind with other MLM people, there is great strength in this, although some of my greatest leaders have come from that kind of contact.
  5. Sometimes there are actual programs that you would want to take advantage of that would further your  your MLM career.
  6. Look for mentorship, often at least for me, I have found that my mentor in my company just doesn’t help me, and I need to find someone outside of my company.
  7. It is an opportunity to stretch your own comfort-zone and get used to being in unfamiliar situations and get good at being there and presenting yourself well.
  8. Be prepared to actually participate because that is where the best things happen. I don’t go “loner” although my personality is kind of introvert. Its important to be there and to meet and greet everyone you can.
  9. New associations are formed that can be beneficial in many different ways, I have met new people that I would not have met another way, and its a way to form all kinds of new alliances, its not about recruiting but sharing ideas and learning from each other.
  10. You can get around the leaders and actually ask some of your burning questions, and they will actually answer!
no excuses

You could be there by live steam! Click this picture and get your own Live Steam Ticket!

and drum roll please!!!

The no excuses gang just announced a contest for those who want to take advantage of the LIVE STREAM! Now you have to imagine that you got a special lottery ticket for the New York Lottery which was a big buzz for about a month ago. But this is even better, all of the top marketers in our field, come into your living room and teach you their secrets of how they got where they are!

Its not a dream, (NUMERO ELEVEN) Is a chance to be able to enjoy that and maybe help vote for the best expert of the expert panel!

Here is the link to get in on it!

Hey I cannot believe that you would miss this but for less than $100 it is a no brainer! And I will be sitting there, come sit with me (figuratively) and be part of this!

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Freedom Of Doing Business!Freedom Of Doing Business!

Lynda Cromar
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no excuses

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When I turned 50 I became aware that I was skating through life and not really planning my life. And I was definitely not living full-out, in fact truth be known I was hiding the fact from myself that I was a ticking bomb waiting to go off! My mother had to come live with us because she didn't have any way to care for herself as she got sicker and older.. That is when I got really serious about my own future, I did not want to relive my mother's life! I came on the internet seeking answers, I got a lot more than I had bargained for! I learned how to use Facebook and other Social Media, to literally play and make money, now I teach others to do the same!

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