In Your MLM Network Marketing Free Is Not Free!

Don’t Let The “Free” Fool You  I was taught early in my life that there was always a price for free!

Yes Free is never totally free. There is always a cost‚ one way or another. In your MLM Network one of the greatest and most important aspects for online marketing is being able to get enough leads or prospects to talk to! It never ceases to amaze me how many will get on a program and simply not use it‚ even if they did pay for it.

But most especially if they got it for free most never attach any real value to it at all! But even if the entry to a MLM Network Marketing program is free‚ that doesn’t mean there is no cost at all! There is always a cost‚ in effort‚ in attitude‚ in action. And that is the real reason that the Lottery Mentality usually sets in!

In MLM Network Marketing Free is not really free‚ there must be some skin in the game‚some cost‚ some effort. If it was simply a matter of getting in and then doing nothing then everyone would be doing it‚ and then it would no longer be something that was of any value at all!

In Your MLM Network Marketing The Price Of Free Is Not Free There Is Always A Price!

So as you contemplate your MLM Network Marketing Free program‚ give that some more thought‚ what price might there be besides the actual money that you spend? Well in the Empower Network Ustream that we listened to last night‚ David Wood talked about the investment that was necessary to move forward‚ not just in money but the investment into ourselves.

The late great Jim Rohn talked about always investing in ourselves‚ “work harder on our selves‚ than we do on our job.” So our job is our MLM Network Marketing program‚ free or not! I go on to talk more about that in this short video: Listen to my story about my growing up with a single mom and what she thought about using Welfare‚ or in other words what she thought about getting something for nothing‚ and Then you will know that that should always be our attitude.

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