Yes my title is a mouthful today‚ I am going to talk to you today about something that is very very serious‚ and I am passionate about! I would like to introduce you to Jared.

I have a personal relationship with him he is my middle son. He was born with some problems‚ and sometime just before his second birthday‚ with the advise of doctors we had him tested in our Children’s Hospital in Denver‚ CO.

He was seriously delayed‚ still not walking at two‚ not even using words yet‚ the word used by doctors was‚ “seriously delayed.”

I went and dutifully sat through weeks of exhaustive tests. It meant going down and paying for parking‚ and bringing my other son who was 14 months older and a daycare child I took care of.

And it was downtown Denver that in itself difficult to navigate!   I tell you this to set up the story‚ but to go on. After those exhaustive tests‚ and remember he was not verbal yet‚ his father and I had a meeting with the PHD doctor in charge of his “case.”

Nerve-racking would be putting it mildly the emotions a parent goes through when having to put their child through that‚ just looking to have a better understanding. Then without too much ground-work the doctor got right to the point. It was in her “learned and expert” opinion that we would be better off with our “limited” resources to place

Jared in a home where he could be cared for properly! I won’t go into too much more about that except it definitely hit me like a ton of bricks to say the least.

We walked slowly back to where we had parked our car‚ and discussed it at length. In my mind though there was a screaming voice saying “No I don’t believe it!” “I don’t accept that!” “I believe there is more to Jared than they can tell by their tests.”

Below is Jared today.

Let me introduce him again. If you didn’t know his history‚ you would never suspect that at one time I worried about his ability to talk.

He is almost non-stop talk‚ lol. He has his own Condo‚ he gets himself to his own job as a janitor in a government facility in Denver. He rides a bike or a bus to get just about anywhere he wants.

He shops for himself‚ he cooks for himself‚ he does his own laundry‚ and he takes his check and puts it into his own checking account and makes purchases with minimal counsel from me from a debit card. Jared is a self-sufficient and productive adult. He is highly capable of doing many things.

He actually functions better sometimes than some that would be called “normal”.

What is my point?

Other than being a proud parent‚ I believe that there are many individuals that get pigeoned into a certain category‚ or labeled and its usually false. We have no way of knowing what is inside. How much drive‚ how much determination. We should never ever give up.

Wrapping it up!

Today isn’t directly about network marketing  or how to treat your mlm prospects or customers in this one sense.

Today I shared the gift of my middle child Jared. How many people do we pass up believing they can’t do anything for themselves.

How many do we give up on? Maybe it might take a little more effort‚ patience and diligence.

But what might be the rewards if we do that? Might we find that he/she grew into someone that can do it with just a little extra coaching? There have been people in my life who have believed when there was no evidence.

And there have been people who gave up because they were impatient. Who was right? I know that I have much more in me than those who gave up can possibly guess‚ and they gave up on someone of value. Don’t be the one who gives up on someone of value in your influence!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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