How To Never Let The Closing Of A Company Break You!

Poor Jud Is Dead.. Now … Wake Up Now is dead…

I am not losing any sleep over it..

Way too busy!

Here is the thing..

Its not what company you decide to be with

Its all about building You Inc..

Yeah I know you hear that

What does that really mean?

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Trisha Barnes put it perfectly today:

1. Hold the desire to build a business and lifestyle online.
2. Hold the desire to help others do the same.
3. Find a way to attract them and build my list.
4. Offer them solutions.
5. Support them by being there with content and value.
6. Provide customer support as best I can.
7. Share the vision and the concept far and wide.
8. Have solution(s) (plural) for them that pay you well.
9. Focus on the people.
10. Stay true to my original intention
11. NEVER let anyone take me away from being right up close and personal with the people. The PEOPLE and your connection to them is EVERYTHING.

Very likely a year ago I would have viewed this differently..

I would have cried and screamed.

Today.. no big deal cause I had already strongly built my “You Inc.” Store..

I already have it all put together..

I will never again get ga ga over one company.. even the ones I now share..

Like while everyone was either out there like Pyronias chasing down the WUN orphans.. I was writing new ads.. and this afternoon I will write a new blog post..

And everyday I am responding to many many people always asking me for info on my business..

This is how you stay bullet proof when a company fails, or someone quits.. cause you know what.. that is just the nature of this business..

And you can decide right now to have a better situation where you no longer fall victim when a company closes their doors.

One Simple thing I did to create cash flow and leads ever day


To Your Abundant Success!!

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