On The Hump Day

I know this is probably a funny title and you clicked on it just to see what I might say! That is okay. Many of us come from an employee mindset and that is all we knew! But there are things about it that might be hurting you in your business now.

Just Getting By…

We use phrases all the time like this. Those are phrases that might make us feel good but they do not push us ahead in business. We are not seeing a bigger picture here. Most of the time we are only doing what is necessary to earn a paycheck. But in business‚ at least at first we will need to do more than we will get paid for. The reward will not always be immediate. But the difference is you will be creating a bigger much more rewarding future.

I’m Fine

Many of us use this one too. It says nothing remarkable‚ and its pretty low level frequency in the realm of attraction. What this really says is “I am in pain‚ and secret panic‚ but I won’t share it with you!” Turn up the spark‚ and burn a bigger flame! Who do we want to attract? Be that person first!

Getting Over The Hump

We have to see our challenges in our business and our life as just part of the puzzle. Its okay we will solve it. When we have a difficult time its always temporary. If we have this philosophy things begin to change.

Everyday Is As Important As Another Day!

Wednesday is no different than Saturday. Its important to get over dreading Monday‚ starting to get excited on Wednesday‚ and having a sigh of relief when we get to Friday (TGIF). Change those beliefs and you will change your outcome! When we start to greet everyday as a gift and an opportunity things change for us‚ maybe not the first day but over time. We have to stretch our new muscles!

Time Table

Remember that any real business including MLM Network marketing is not a get rich quick thing. Although many want it to happen fast and we have heard stories. Lets realize that it is sustained action over time that creates success!

Celebrate Both The Challenges And The Successes!

If we start to see that the challenges are there for a purpose we are no longer intimidated by them! think of them as those stretchers!

We must have challenge in order to build our character and teach us important lessons. If we greet them by running away‚ we diminish ourselves and we bring on even more challenges‚its a law of nature. Instead of saying “Why me?” say “What is the lesson I need to learn from this?” And start to have the attitude that “I can do this!”

When we take on a challenge we begin to develop confidence. When we can rack up a list of challenges we have overcome we begin to feel unstoppable. And it is this feeling that suddenly catapults us on into the success we always believed we could have!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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