Operating From Your Short List!

In life and in business I especially was really good at looking at my mistakes and failures and starting to make all of my assumptions and predictions of my future based on those. Have you done the same thing? Let me explain what I mean by the short list and the long list‚if you have read The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson‚ he talks about that.

The Long List

This is the great big laundry list of all of the things that you have ever done wrong in your life‚every mistake‚ every sin‚ every failure. We tend to hang onto this list and base everything we do off of this list. We hear all the great people in life telling us that we shouldn’t do it but we do anyway. But the truth is‚ our old failures do not determine our future unless that is what we decide. In fact our meaning for everything in life is all made up in our heads! From the time we were tiny little children‚ we always decided something means a particular thing‚ based on what knowledge that we had at that time. Today‚ we have a lot more knowledge‚ but we are still going by those assumptions and those feelings that we had then! Crazy when I put it that way‚ huh?

The Short List

This is the list of the things that we have been proud of accomplishing‚ again they go back to the beginning of our lives. Some of them are no longer prominent in our memories! The funny thing is‚ this is the list that really should be longer! Most of us have done all kinds of things that others would think are amazing‚ and we just think they are ordinary. We tend to discount what we have done that really would be great. We never believe that we deserve praise and honor. But everyone does. Everyone has done things that they can be proud of!

Successful People Operate out of the Short List and they Add To That List

So here is what you want to do if you want to be counted among the successful people. First of all throw away the long list‚ you don’t need it anymore! And build on that short list of accomplishments‚ because when you start to believe in yourself more‚ so will others!

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To Your Abundant Success!!

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