The Oscar Effect To Your Online Network Marketing!

Yesterday I talked about The Ziggy Method of Engagement‚ and this goes along with that. When I was a little girl I had a bike like most kids. We spent hours on our bikes until it was time to go to bed in fact. When I was married again to my husband he likes to bike so he got me a shinny new 1’-sped bike. Well what did I do? I applied the OLD HABIT!

TS to the new bike! Obviously that didn’t work very and I flew over my handle bars and fell on my face because I applied the left brake to hard!

Why The Oscar Effect To Your Online Network Marketing?

Now if you have been watching the Oscars for any time at all‚ there is a method to it. It is never an accident when someone wins one of those.
And also keep in mind it is something they go after because they want to have that on their resume. So they lobby‚ they work and of course it goes without saying that they hone their skills! While that was going on actually‚ I have to admit‚ I was on a training honing my skills. Because I have learned that what really determines your win‚ is those critical online network marketing skills!
Just as it was a key thing to learn the right way to ride my new bike in order to be successful‚it is really seriously important to apply the right steps to your online network marketing. And another very key thing is to realize that you cannot use the same methods that might have worked in the past‚ if at all.

For instance‚ when we invite people to an online event‚ it works best if we have had some kind of personal contact with them before inviting them to your presentation. I see people‚particularly on Facebook inviting everyone! That doesn’t work any better than to send out an invitation to everyone on your Christmas list!

More “Oscar Effect” In Online Marketing Skills

So rather than have a hit and miss‚ splatter effect in your online network marketing‚ its really about learning real skills and aligning with leaders that can help you do that. In the Oscars‚those who win‚ have people that work with them all the time‚ to get better at what they do. I made the leaderboard in MLSP this past week‚ I did that because instead of pushing thousands into my list and hoping a few would join‚ I had personal contact with a few‚and helped them‚ and so they joined me.

We could call that the Oscar Effect‚ because what happens in the Oscars is not an accident‚but real skill being judged by experts. When we have the real skills in online network marketing‚ we can build real success rather quickly!

Applying The Oscar Effect In Online Marketing Skills

In this profession it’s possible to do it alone‚ by trial and error‚ or you can go and get help. I laugh because my husband hates to ask for help or directions‚ we get lost a lot when we go somewhere! I found early on that getting lost or following others that are lost is just not fun‚and it’s fruitless; it’s wasting your time.
I prefer to be aligned with leaders that have already mastered those skills in their online network marketing and then I have a clear pattern to follow‚ which of course allows me to have that to share with those who follow me!

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