Part Of The MLM Business Posture Is To Have A Customer First Attitude

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Part Of The MLM Business Posture Is To Have A Customer First Attitude

Not Every Lead Becomes Your MLM Prospect! One of the biggest mistakes that I see on the internet when it comes to MLM business‚ is they believe everyone is a prospect and therefore they push their business on them as if they expect everyone to join. Here in is the first step to big frustration and failure.

Just because someone responds to something you posted via your blog or the social media does not mean that they have become an MLM prospect yet. Many call the first stage“a suspect‚ in other words they were curious‚ but they have not yet become a true prospect. If you adopt the Customer First Attitude‚ that means that it is your responsibility to qualify them. You must learn enough about them that you can find out if they have what it takes to be in your business. That is the posture.

You need to find out if what you have will benefit them‚ that is the customer first attitude! Taking the attitude that everyone is a prospect is the attitude of failure and horrible rejection‚which is what makes the majority of the new MLM Business owners to quit.

Part Of The MLM Business Posture Is To Have A Customer First Attitude

Personal Contact The first step in that process of determining if that person is fit for your business or whether you can benefit them with your business is to have some sort of contact with them. I used to make a lot of phone calls as my initial contact.

Now sometimes that is to forward. Many people have been approached repeatedly by phone. I do try to find them depending upon how they came onto my list. And sometimes they just want to explore it without talking to you. If you do decide to call do not make the mistake of making it all about you and your business.

That is the quickest turn off I know. Most people when I called were surprised and pleased as long as it was about helping them. People are even less likely now than ever before to answer a call because so many people are now using spammyauto-dialer calls. but if you do get them live‚ make it about them‚ not about you‚ and you will find it to be a very pleasant experience.

Frankly‚ I used to call a lot but find that if they really want to talk‚ they will pick up the phone and call me‚ because usually they found me through quality content such as this


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