Are You Playing The Game of Network Marketing

Are You Playing The Game of Network Marketing Like You Are In A Game‚ To Win Or To Loose?

I have a game I used to play

It was called spheres. Matching these colored spheres. When I lost a voice came on that said“game over”‚ but here is the thing‚ the “game over” is in your head sometimes even before you begin. What if you shut that voice off?

The Challenge of the Game Of Network Marketing is..

It looks like it should be pretty easy! There is a built in optical illusion and a built in trap here. It takes logic‚ tact and patience to master this game. And so it is also in MLM Network Marketing. The big tap door in this game is that there is the illusion that it is going to be fast and easy.

I am not going to promise you that it is easy‚ but I will promise you that if you have faith in it‚ it will be worth it. The game here is not about spheres but real people. And the emotional kicker is that you have to stop making it about yourself. And that is what most do. That illusion is when you really get into the game of helping other people you start helping yourself‚ but never before that!

The Game Of Network Marketing

It also takes the same thing in business especially in MLM Network marketing. There is logic‚tact and patience needed to master this game also. There are skills that you must learn‚especially if you are also going to master it. You will not get it overnight. It is not a game of lotto. But the rewards are much bigger.

Can you imagine how it feels to have someone say‚ “Thank you! You saved my life!”Because that is what we are really in the game for‚ saving lives. The world out there is crazy‚and it is getting crazier by the minute. People are loosing their jobs‚ and the lives that they knew. They are really scared out of their minds!

The Game of Patience!

You are not going to master it over night‚ and on this game‚ there is no “cheat-sheet”or “short-cut!” The problem here is that there are a lot of people out there promising you that you are going to become a Millionaire over-night.

That is very seductive but unfortunately‚ its a lie! Having patience is not going to be easy. I know I have been there. And it is hard when there are needs now. This is a time of learning‚be like a sponge soak up everything. Get with people that can help you!

You will make mistakes‚ instead of seeing those as a failure‚ see them as part of the process of learning!

Mastery Of The Game

The game to be won here is to master yourself first‚ then to be able to become a leader to other people. If you don’t master that‚ the game really is over! If I could give you one skill you must learn it is self-mastery! Yes before you can master the whole game you must master yourself. You must realize that there are going to be big changes that you have to make. And I say Game on! Check out the new Empowered Network Blog everyone is raving about!

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