Why Power Lead System is PERFECT for Network Marketing Newbies!

The Network has the internet on fire! People are talking about it left and right. If you’re on Facebook‚ you’ve seen the ads 3 and 4 at a time.

Everywhere you turn‚ someone is asking about Empower Network. If you’re new to the internet‚ you’re probably wondering what the Empower Network is all about. You’re also wondering if it’s for you.

The short answer is yes. I’ll explain why.

Internet marketing is HUGE right now. Everybody that is alive is setting up their own blog. There are approximately 17 million blogs‚ and that number is growing. People are using the internet to brand themselves and their businesses‚ and to earn affiliate income too. With so many blogs and websites out there‚ how is the newbie marketer going to be able to survive?

That’s where the Empower Network comes in!

Let’s pretend for a second that the Network did not exist. Heck it’s only been around a second. Anyway‚ let’s say it didn’t exist.

To market on the internet‚ you would need: a domain‚ hosting‚ a blog‚ a designer if you can’t build the blog yourself‚ a lead capture page‚ a sales funnel‚ and an autoresponder.

Along with the autoresponder‚ you need an autoresponder series to market to your list as it develops.

Each of these has a cost – both in time AND money. With Network‚ you get all of that in fell swoop to the tune of $25 per month. The autoresponder alone would cost you $20 per month. For $25 per month‚ you will get a blog already set up. This isn’t just any blog. It is highly optimized‚ fully functional blog! The ‘secret’ to this blog is that the

Network provides a higher page rank‚ which allows your posts to get ranked higher and faster on search engines‚ such as Google. With an ordinary personal blog‚ you start out with a page rank of Zero – meaning the search engines don’t even know you’re alive.

One of the main problems internet marketers face is lack of marketing knowledge. As a new marketer‚ you need to learn how to market! The Empower Network offers you Fast Start Training by video. There is little left to chance‚ so that you learn how to market.

The videos tell you EXACTLY what to do! The Network has weekly conference calls designed to train you as a marketer… from the BEST internet marketer in the world!

A Call I Had Yesterday From A Newbie

I talked to a new person on the internet. I shared with him the Network and he said I will go and promote myself! I wished him well. Here is the problem. There is a certain amount of effort that must be done before you have the social proof. No one will believe that you are an expert right at first.

Learn From The Experts On Day One!

As a new marketer you are almost guaranteed to not make any money your first few month. while there are a few superstars out there‚ the odds are you won’t be one of them. by using Network to get started‚ you have a smaller investment with a greater return. you earn 100% affiliate commission for every person you refer who signs up with the Network. Did I mention you get that commission immediately? with every other company‚ you have to wait days and weeks‚ sometimes even months before you get paid! Not with Network! Can you imagine the feeling of getting paid NOW?

Are you ready to hit the ground running on the internet? Join me today in the Network!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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