Putting Things Back Together After Crisis

No One Is Immune To Challenges And Crisis

But on the other hand we don’t have to be constantly living in the high stress environment of crisis. Although there are many who actually do.Believe it or not‚ many of these things can really test our character. And we decide whether they are going to make or break us! We actually can learn very valuable lessons from these events if we let them teach us!

Don’t Put Off What Is Important!

Quite obviously‚ when a crisis occurs there is things that must be done and they take top priority. When my mother was dying‚ it would have been dumb of course to say my business came before her! So I did what I had to do. Yesterday when the death certificates came‚ I did what I had to do. But when the dust settles you don’t want to find your business in ruin either. It is a great temptation to shelf those things that are painful to take care of. For instance taxes‚ ugh! One of the things I most detest is to do the paper work involved with getting stuff ready for taxes. But if you don’t do it you can be in jeopardy!

Without Falling Apart!

There is a need to bounce back but also to focus on the tasks that unavoidably must be done. We have to have an incredible amount of focus to not be absorbed into a crisis or challenge and become totally inert! Sometimes we have to take care of a problem as it comes up‚ and that is right‚ but that doesn’t mean it has to take our entire energy and focus.

Staying Focused And Staying In The Game

To me what really helps and works the best is to have a game-plan. A daily checklist and things I must accomplish everyday. These can be both the personal details and the business details. But remember this is not about letting all those mundane things take over. Without focus that would happen all the time. Jim Rohn called it the thorns in his famous dialog about the seeds. Those little cares that consume‚ but in the bigger picture are not important!

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