That is a question to ponder..

Hype I guess has its place..

There are times when to use a little hype to promote a big thing coming up

Can be useful for a short-term thing..

But mostly it is damaging to both the product and company, and also to individuals who use it


One place it is used is in online home business arenas..

It seems that it will go unpunished to put out claims about what something will do

Or won’t do to attract new customers..

But the biggest harm.. is that companies have been taken down for making unsubstantiated claims..

One such claim used a lot in that arena is getting a unbelievable amount of leads (people interested)

To an offer and making claims.. with big exagerated graphics..

That there is no proof that its true or that it was not doctored..

As I said companies are being watched all the time.. and they have very strict rules on

Making any claims..



I create leads everyday..

I get asked many times a day for a guarantee..

I have to tell you I can’t make promises about what you will do..

Because there are those who will buy something and then sit on it..

There is no real business that ever works..

When the person who got it.. does nothing with it!

If you are ready to learn how to build from a

Simple out of the box business system we can talk..

But understand that its going to take action on your part..

And my results are not typical

Because I will go all out and all in to create what I want!

So make sure to watch the language that you use on the social medias..

And always disclaim like I did above that your results

May not be their results!

If you would like to learn more on how I create leads daily..

Come Watch This!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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