How Ray Higdon And Michael Phelps Can Walk Away From Internet Marketing

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No problem come on down to the video and I will explain! I think it is so key to know when its time to move on to new things. Its not about failing‚ its about knowing what you have done‚ and knowing you have reached that goal‚ and achieved all that you can in one arena. Internet marketing is just one of the things we can do to build our business.

Key Points On Internet Marketing

  • There are phases‚ realize we are in the middle of a change
  • There is a turning point when you realize you have to go a different direction
  • It doesn’t mean that you do it too freely
  • Get the most out of where you are now before moving to the next step
  • Ray Higdon is doing that also‚ he is going to a new level and new track
  • Sometimes you have to change the direction you are going in order to change the results that you want
  • Know who you are and what you are already doing that is successful

Baby Boomers and Internet Marketing

  • You have been involved in a lot of thing in your life
  • You probably cannot apply the skills you learned in the corporate world
  • We were not on the internet when we were children
  • We have to get rid of the myth that we don’t learn fast‚ we just have to be patient with ourselves
  • I had a teacher that took the time to explain things so I understood
  • I believe I have learned to be that kind of teacher for others like me
  • We have to come to know ourselves well enough that we know when its time to change a direction.
  • And we have to know when its time to take the action!
  • We have to evaluate where we are and decide if what we are doing now will actually get you where you want to be in your goals and in your future. That is the major reason why I have built my business with the internet systems that I have been involved with.

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