I did a forum post titled Why Does It Work For Me But maybe Not For You? (And This Is Mainly About Online Network Marketing)

It is interesting the kinds of results that you get when you put a post like that out there and look to see what the opinions are. Many believe that internet marketing whether they are an affiliate marketer or in online network marketing that all you really have to do is put out the ads and the content and never ever have to talk to someone and magically everyone will be beating down your door. Well not in the world I live in. Now I do have that happening now‚after a period of time of building relationships‚ providing high qualityvalue-based content and help to people. But let’s be clear it was not that way in the beginning.

Major Misconceptions About Online Network Marketing!

There are some major misconceptions about online network marketing for sure; one major one is the one I just sited that they just get stuff out there and people will join them. What I know for sure is there are different types of people those who will see the value of taking the steps and those who won’t. There are those who will never believe in this or themselves no matter what you do!

Key Things That Affect The Success Or Failure Of Online Network Marketing

There are some key things that I know do affect whether someone is going to be successful and effective with their online network marketing efforts and I can outline it in these three steps:

  1. What you think does matter! I have seen people join me in my online network marketing and they sort of go through the motions but they don’t have any faith.
  2. It takes a lot of commitment; it is not an over-night success thing ever! I know real people that are building a big online network marketing business and they have gone through a process and it took a lot of commitment to get thee‚ (including me!)
  3. They forget the cultivation part of the process. Farmers always understood this. But today everyone wants to just do a little and get big results! It just doesn’t work that way.

Four Stages Of Online Network Marketing Competence

I was listening to an awesome training in the back of MLSP by Rob Fore in which he outlined that there are really four stages that any network marketer must go through‚ and that would of course include all online network marketing efforts. Those 4 steps just like the cultivation process cannot be skipped.

1’– Newbie doesn’t know anything‚

2’– Has some confidence and has a grasp of the process‚

3’– Has some mastery and is now building a team

4’– Major team player and produced big results with seemingly no effort   I am not going to outline the whole 1 hour webinar in which he shared that in detail that is one of the perks of the system MLSP.

The main thing to get from that is that you cannot come onto the internet and the very first day be making the huge bucks you see on the stories. You must realize that whatever their story‚ there was a process that each and every one of them went through. They themselves had to develop and learn and grow until they reached a point that they were able to produce the big results.

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