So many spend all their time selling their pay-plan

I had to learn the hard way selling the pay-plan

Always leads to failure

It is an unspoken promise

You cannot deliver

Lynda Cromar

You see those hypy messages with

Crazy amounts of money all the time..

It takes time..

And the desire to help to REALLY CREATE SALES!


Never Hype, Never Sell What You Cannot Deliver!

My Mentor told me:
When you “sell money” and you can’t deliver it to everyone…

(Which no one can)

You OBLIGATE people to leave you.

Now this was perplexing to me as all around

me there were people doing shots of cars, and 
mansions and money and they SEEMED to be doing
pretty well with that technique.
Have you had this experience?

All around me there were people selling PAY PLANS

and telling folks how they were gonna get rich…

And they SEEMED to be doing incredible.

But every time I got excited by something like that

and came to tell him how rich I was gonna get he would
say it again…

When you “sell money” and you can’t deliver it to everyone…

(Which no one can)

You OBLIGATE people to leave you.

And at first it seemed like I was losing something by not hyping and

Selling that Pay-Plan.. the Compensation.. that most were preaching..
But as I learned to do better things.. I began to prosper the right way
And I began to realize something!
They were promising but not delivering..


Because when they couldn’t provide the money they were 

promising to the masses … people LEFT.

I mean lets face it….

How long will most people hold on if they are not getting 

what they were told they would get.


And so that is why I don’t sell pay plans although I am 

often promoting programs that have very hot ones.
People will join if they see it in the right light!

My focus is on promoting the product and what it can do for people

and YES….Of course we celebrate those that CHOOSE to take 
advantage of the pay plan and make some money.

And those that decide to make A LOT of money.

But the thing is that MOST WON’T…

So if you put the promotion and the  CELEBRATION factor

on money alone…

You are guaranteed to lose MOST…..

And in the end you create your own DEMISE.

Messed up right?

Counterintuitive in fact.

And yet I have found it to be true!

So why should you listen to me?

I have been on here making money since 2009!

I don’t like the pay plan pitch.

Especially when selling education.

It’s just not congruent.

For me….

Yes..the pay plan is HOT.


But the vision of what we are doing is what 

got me involved immediately.

So that is why I am always sharing this…..

it is so much more than a comp plan!

I have been here long enough to know that as I have served

the space for many years  I know many just need to know that
I will never share the hype and the pitch, but real education! 
A place and environment that is committed to helping 
you develop the skills you need to soar that is NOT 
network marketing based….but business based.

It’s a whole different mindset.

It has served me well, and that is why its the main thing

that I do!

Every week we stress training and building a good presence on the

internet rather than hyping the money!
When someone gains the real skills of building a presence, it is only
then, that they can create that what seems like magic “money on demand”
And that is how I help you on the internet.

To Your Abundant Success!!

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