I Am Setting Powerful Goals!

 Setting goals are great, but those are usually short term.

Long-term is to build up yourself,

creating the confidence that is unshakable,


How do we do that?

You must come up with your own thought pattern.

The books give you the starting ground,

they usually give you exercises.

Do those exercises,

I can’t emphasize that enough.

“Oh that would be so silly, and hokey!”

Okay, but has change happened,

“well, no I am still where I was last time.”

Big Mistake!

I know I have Done It!

I start to measure my progress with who I am

Well is that who I am?

No of course not!

And if I start to believe that..

Then, yes it will affect my self-esteem!

I have spent many years doing it the wrong way!

Okay so lets regroup and reprogram!

To Your Abundant Success!!

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