Sharing Your MLM Business With Respect Lets Get Down To The Nitty Gritty And Talk About Spamming!

Not a day goes by that I do not see it on Facebook‚ in my messages‚ on my e-mail‚and voice mail. I think it has become a disease! This is the problem that I hope to address today‚ because I believe that everyone that joins a mlm business want to succeed!

Sharing Your MLM Business With Respect What Is Spamming?

I think it is really important to define it because there seems to be such a confusion about it. As more and more new people join network marketing businesses‚ or I call it mlm businessfor short‚ there are more and more people that do not have the skill-sets required and they are just told to go find people to show the business to.

Most do not get any kind of training to do it the right way. There seems to be a big trend to spam posts or comment with your link for your business. Lets clarify because it is rampant. Anytime that you share your link‚ without specifically being asked for it whether it is in a message‚ e-mail or anywhere on social media sites it is spam.

Now maybe this is not what you were taught‚ and I have been appalled by how many not only will not listen‚ but defend their behavior by saying they are getting lots of people joining them from that behavior. Well‚ maybe temporarily but what are you teaching them?

Sharing Your MLM Business With Respect — Listen To My Thoughts On Video


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