The Spirit Of Christmas Past? Our Traditions

Today I am thinking about the traditions that I practice and I examine them. I remember a time when the stores didn’t start having decorations up and the “specials.” til well after Thanksgiving. Now you can expect to see the beginning of that as early as August a lot of the time. I wonder what this tells our children? I wonder what it really does to most people.

Christmas has become a very stressful time where its more about figuring out how to get that perfect gift for everyone. Max the cards, work overtime. Stress out. And yes I have absolutely found myself doing that too. Especially those of us that are ambitious and have big dreams, can push the need to express that to the limit.

I decided this year to slow it down. Last year the tree didn’t even go up until the week before. Work, Work, Work. Well this year I reflect on what made my holiday really special. It certainly wasn’t that “perfect gift,” I don’t even remember what that was.

I do remember times I have with family and friends. Sitting around the fire til the wee hours telling silly stories, laughing until your sides hurt, tears running down your face! I remember times when there were no dollars to take to the store, and instead we used our creativity and made gifts for each other. NowI that is how real Christmas Memories are made.I find that hHow you spend the precious 24 hours that I have is the most important thing to focus on. Will what I am doing now matter in even 24 hours from now? I take the time with those I love, I take the time to listen. I am happier then, and so is everyone that I associate with.

Today I look at what I like and what I don’t like about this holiday. I know that no matter what is going on around me I am going to have the best Christmas ever. I know one main thing is that its because I have grown wiser and I have found the center of meaning in my life. I make my family and friends my center. Thanks Facebook friends for being part of my life!


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