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Online Network Marketing

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I learned the hard way not to let my personal drama get in the way of my dreams and goals in my business!

Oh The Drama

I remember being that way myself! I used to get so wrapped up in myself, geeze no wonder they didn’t join me in my Online Network Marketing! I remember one time in particular when I actually sat in a corner and cried, no lie, because of the frustration and the drama got pretty thick!

I let my drama keep me stuck. I didn’t learn for a while how important it really is to share with people in a way that shows them you are there to help them in their Online Network Marketing regardless of what they are doing. At the beginning I was not experienced, in fact I really didn’t have a first clue how to do anything online, I didn’t even own a Facebook profile! So I was definitely starting from scratch!

Get Over The Drama In Your Online Network Marketing And Get To Work!

You really have a choice to live with your drama or get over it! Yes I think you needed someone to talk to you straight today. Because the drama can take control of your online marketing if you let it!

Some People Make The Drama Keep Them stuck in their Online Network Marketing!

I share that on my video today

Get Over the Drama and Build Your Network Marketing Business from Lynda Cromar on Vimeo.

So Don’t Let The Drama Keep You From Building Your Online Network Marketing!

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