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How A Visit To My Local Supermarket Transformed My Online Network Marketing … It’s Not What You Are Thinking!

Online Network MarketingSo you are probably wondering how you could use this concept of the supermarket in your online network marketing? Just recently I attended a webinar with Diane Hochman and learned a concept about using what the Supermarkets already know to increase my effectiveness in Online Network Marketing and I am going to share that concept with you and how it could really take the struggle out of your online network marketing efforts!


What so many people do in their marketing as Network Marketers is become fiercely loyal to it, almost to a degree that it is sacrilege to consider even doing anything else! There are really two camps and then there is a hybrid emerging and we will talk about that in the next few posts, but for today’s discussion we will talk about how to use what the Supermarkets already know to help you super-charge your online network marketing.

Lets Walk Into The Supermarket And See The Magic We Could Apply In Our Online Network Marketing Efforts

When you walk into a supermarket, you come with an intention to buy! You do the same thing in Online Network Marketing without really realizing it! In the supermarket, you may have a list, or you may impulse buy but soon or later you end up at the checkout with one item, or a cart full.

Now I can hear you saying, so what does that have to do with my Network Marketing? Everything! When you go into the supermarket there is no one waiting at the door to pounce on you and insist that you buy the super duper energy drink, or the green-cleaning products. You come with the intention to buy.

So to apply that to your Online Network Marketing efforts, you want to establish your own supermarket so that you attract more than just a few buyers!

Your Ultimate Supermarket For Online Network Market!

So we have walked through how your supermarket uses a secret they know about you — have you figured out what it is yet? You already want to buy, and if given the correct things to look at that will help you, you will!

And sure you could go and create it yourself. Probably through much trial and error and failure you would eventually figure it out. I decided to go get an already created supermarket that is designed for network marketers for their online network marketing effort. And that is MLSP

The Secret Of The SuperMarket For Online Network Marketing from Lynda Cromar on Vimeo.

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