The Times Of Your Life – Memories Are What Makes Us Real

Journaling Is A Personal Thing!

Journaling is a personal thing‚ its a way to get in touch with who we really are and how to become even better. Its a way to re-live memories good or bad‚ and to put them into a proper perspective. Its a way to see our habits‚ our cycles‚ our phobias‚ everything and learn how to make ourselves better!

Today my daughter is at the hospital while her husband goes into surgery. I called her of course. But the interesting thing‚ I was journalling and a memory came up‚ it was so real it was like I was there.

She and I were walking along the florida beach‚ in the waves. We were alone and we were just enjoying the surf. It was actually really cold‚ but we let that go. I was not dressed to be out there‚ I had on a suit‚ but I let that go. I was wet‚ and I let that go too.

Because the only thing that mattered was being there‚ enjoying each other. and feeling the freedom‚ life is too short to be totally embroiled in problems all of the time.

So today I went and called her‚ as she waited to go into the room‚ and reminded her of that beautiful memory of walking along the beach together in Florida.

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