How Do You Get The Business Going and What Is Traffic?

With every dawn of everyday..

It a very important question to ask..

What did I do yesterday to move my business forward..

And what today will help me move it forward?

Yesterday I talked about building your own list..

Today I will talk about Traffic (or how do you bring eyeballs to what you offer?)

Most people that have not been trained in this think that just being on a social media such as Facebook.. is enough!

Problem with that is..

There are all kinds of people who will be there..

Many of them probably are not suited for what you have..

Again I will take the example of what I was taught with Network Marketing

They believed everybody was your market.. or those to target..

That leaves you with constantly spamming without any clear direction

Or to go and ask everyone to look before they expressly asked for it..

That is like walking into a field and just taking shots in every direction hoping you will actually shoot something..

We at the VIP Lounge have a solution for getting the right eyeballs to see what you offer..

And some of us have gotten so good at it we have 20 or more asking us every day!

Would it change what you do if your day was spent sending your video page to people?

I know it would cause it has mine!!

You know what to do!

This academy had the simple things you need to be doing laid out in a way that even the newest newbie can do it..

Introducing Simple Freedom Academy

The Simple place to learn everything about online building

What Is Traffic And How Do You Get More People Coming Down Your Street

How to do you get the right people to look at what you have

How do you get them on your list..

On the road they cars are whizing by you want them to stop and look

I give you my insights on that today..


To Your Abundant Success!!

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