Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing: How to Use Affiliate Marketing to Accumulate Bitcoin

As a full time affiliate marketer online, one of the very first questions I had as I found out more about the cryptocurrency and bitcoin community is if there were any affiliate programs that were transacting in bitcoin and paying commissions in bitcoin.

I knew the bitcoin concept, as developers created platforms and tools to allow more people to transact and use it, would be a huge trend in the micro business niche of affiliate marketing and in the “home based online business” community.

Here are some of the affiliate marketing or, “online home business” programs I’ve found that transact and pay out commissions in bitcoin:

1OnlineBusiness – Affiliate Marketing program handles all transactions in bitcoin. Purchase membership and products using bitcoin. Receive commissions (with leverage) in bitcoin. I’m using this program to merge our expertise in social media marketing and affiliate marketing and stack up a treasure chest of bitcoin for holding and trading.

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