In Your MLM Business – How To Use The Past To Explode The Future!

Look Back To Reflect and Grow‚ Look

Forward To Dream And Plan‚ Take Action!

In Your MLM, Some Serious, But Easy Steps

You Can Take Now To Succeed In 2011 As I look at my year 2010‚ I know it would be easy to say I didn’t get it all done!

I set Huge Goals‚ but as an author unknown said — I often quote ” Shoot for the Moon‚and if you fall short‚ you fall among the stars!” I have fallen in the stars! This year has been incredible. I have learned some very valuable things I would like to share!

Always talk nice to yourself

  • Beating yourself up only makes it worse
  • Its not productive and you will not grow.
  • Saying things like “that was stupid!” What are you saying? That you’re stupid!”)
  • Self-talk is very powerful‚ so watch what you say to yourself!

Always feed your mind!

  • be reading and feeding your mind with positive things
  • You can be sure if you don’t there is a lot of negative going in.
  • Be on guard all the time with watching thoughts and replacing with the positive.
  • This is a habit that must be cultivated.

Associate with others like yourself with big goals and dreams.

  • It has been said that who ever you spend regular time with is what you become.
  • If your tendency is to hang around broke people‚ then look at your bank account‚ you will find it in the same condition!

Use The Slight Edge In Your Favor!

  • Jim Rohn talked about developing disciplines‚ what you do in one thing you will do in all things. If you put off the important things you will not achieve your dreams.

The Golden Rule!

  • How we treat others is how we can be expect to be treated
  • How we treat ourselves is how we can be expected to be treated


  • Always look at what you did‚ was a lesson learned that can be applied
  • Is there a better way to do it the next time?

Reward! Pat yourself on the back!

  • Yes that is more important than anything else!
  • What did you do right?
  • We tend to focus on our failings‚ but what successes can you applaud yourself for?
  • Yes make a list‚ you might be really surprised!

I learned more than I can even say here by being involved in a mastermind called mental cleanse! I would love to invite you to be part of it. There is no cost and its a sure-fire way to turbo-charge your business for the coming year!

To Your Abundant Success!!

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