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When using any Social medias

Always give before you ge

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook from Gary Vannercheck.. read it with Periscope in mind

Periscope, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook mentioned

Engagement rather than focus on Monetizing..

Make sure you give value that makes them want more

Make sure they know how to find you and see more of what you offer

You can get more of what I have at  (inside my Facebook Page)

​Engage: talking to people, they see that you are there, comment, like, hearts for others and they will get nosy and come back and check you out..

You can share a link in profile but it is not clickable on the profile in mobile..

I have increased my lead list and sales.. by inviting them back to Facebook

You can connect with me on Facebook  ​and my Twitter and Periscope we refer and invite to get to know us better..

My Twitter grew because of my activity on Periscope..

Announce your Periscope you are about to do.. hook Periscope up with Twitter so it will automatically tweet when you do a broadcast..

Blog and use it there..

You will have a connections then with audiences in all of those places

  • ​Tell Facebook friends you are about to go live in Periscope
  • Tweet an announcemnt
  • Do a graphic announcement for Instagram
  • Any place where you have built a following..

Follow the give before you get like in the book

Pay attention to the culture that is inside of all of these Social Medias..


To Your Abundant Success!!

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