How To Use Relationship-Building in Multi-Level Marketing Rather Than Being a Predator!

So What Do I Mean By Building Relationships?

Just like in our everyday lives‚ we are always in that mode.

We get into the Internet and suddenly we forget that somehow!

If I were going to a party I would not jump on someone I just met and insist they drop everything and go to my website that minute.

And What do I Mean By Predator?

I know that sounds like a scary word‚ PREDATOR — but isn’t that what it is when people just pounce on you? They are hoping to catch you off guard‚ to push the right button. They want to get you in your weak spot. There is a big problem in that kind of marketing; people change their mind‚ its called remorse. So what did you gain by getting to them emotionally? Worse yet if you pushed buttons such as fear‚ guilt‚ or shame. Yes of course people have those feelings‚ but when we use that to get a sale‚ its not building the kind of long-termrelationshipthatwewantwith that person.

So How Do We Do It Right?

TIME. That can be a big word in today’s world. Everyone wants an instant result. We live in a micro-wave world. Even the network marketing / sales world talks about “easy-instantmoney.”

Get it today‚ make money in just a few hours! Wow! In the real world if you are truly looking to build a business that really is here to last forever‚ its not instant. In the real world its about real people‚ with real problems‚ with real needs.

If you create value by solving their problems then you build the trust‚ that builds the relationship‚ that creates the long-lasting long-range income. Yes you can do the Kamikaze approach‚ but they are wary of you‚ they don’t trust you.


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