This is the Biggest Thing I See Holding People Back Fear Of Failure In Online Network Marketing

The post yesterday was about helping you learn to build relationships using Social Media. Often my posts relate to each other. Watch this video and relate it to your own online network marketing fears!

Did you catch some of the key things that Randy talked about in the video? What would be the worst thing that could happen? I have found the biggest thing people are afraid of is fear of spending money because fear of failure in online network marketing. I think they believe that they are afraid they will loose money and often they do loose just because they believed that!

A story to help: I was using credit to build my business in my real early online network marketing career! My biggest fear was when I would no longer have any credit then I would have to go out and talk to strangers in the mall or the Walmart. I remember one of the leaders saying what is the worst that could happen?

You could loose your house? Would you be on the street? I thought that was harsh! But here is the thing‚ when I did actually get to the end of my credit‚ the worst thing that happened‚ is we had to pay it back‚ and I had to find a different way‚ which means

I went exploring on the internet‚ and found Social Media! Now I don’t think that was a bad thing looking back‚ although at the time it felt pretty bad!

There Might Be A Good Reason To Fail In Your Online Network Marketing

Maybe as Randy talked about there is a need for a course correction‚ in other words a need to change the behavior the beliefs and the action! Sometimes it helps to play out the scenario of what would happen if you fail?

Would it really be as bad as you think? A story to help: I was in one of my most earliest online network marketing and their main method of getting leads was buying them‚ and were talking very expensive too. I to this day do not know how I did it‚ well yes I do‚ I maxed all of my cards.

One day I got to the end of my credit. I had to do what I was most afraid of‚ go out into Walmarts or convenience stores‚ and talk to people. Although I would never recommend that‚I am glad I had to do that‚ for a while‚ because it got me over some big fears!

Most People Really Have A Fear Of Success In Their Online Network Marketing

Again like Randy said most people are afraid of the responsibility of success! They are afraid that they will not have the facility to care for those under their care in their online network marketing. A story to help: When I first got started in my online network marketing career‚

I excelled fast‚ and with that came more responsibility‚ I was put on calls to help all of the new people. Now the system I was part of trained all the new people in one system‚ there wasn’t a lot of personal hands on‚ with the new people.

So here I am on these calls‚ scared to death! You know at first I wasn’t good at it‚ I fell on my face a lot in my online network marketing‚ especially in those calls! You know now though I am so glad I had that experience‚ because I am not afraid to make calls to train people! You just never know what some of these things will do towards your future!


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