Using and Creating Systems To Work More Efficiently

How And When To Use A Good System For Your MLM Network Marketing?

From Wikopedia: System (from Latin systēma‚ in turn from Greek σύστημα systēma‚ “whole compounded of several parts or members‚ system”‚ literary “composition”[1]) is a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole. A system is a set of elements and relationships which are different from relationships of the set or its elements to other elements or sets. Fields that study the general properties of systems include systems theorycyberneticsdynamical systemsthermodynamics and complex systems. They investigate the abstract properties of systems’ matter and organization‚ looking for concepts and principles that are independent of domain‚ substance‚ type‚ or temporal scale. Most systems share common characteristics‚ including:

  • Systems have structure‚ defined by components and their composition;
  • Systems have behavior‚ which involves inputs‚ processing and outputs of material‚energy‚ information‚ or data;
  • Systems have interconnectivity: the various parts of a system have functional as well as structural relationships to each other.
  • Systems May have some functions or groups of functions

The term system May also refer to a set of rules that governs structure and/or behavior.

So what does that do for you when you are doing your network marketing? Structure

Having a structure and a way to do things that works and you already know is successful is key to being successful. You can decide to do it totally offline‚ or totally online or a combination (which is what I recommend).

Having a set structure from someone that is doing what you want to do‚ will save you from much trial and error and failure. Find the person that has the information that you seek.

Who is successful NOW on the kind of system and marketing that you want to implement?

What kind of system are they using‚ and what kind of success are they getting? I know one thing from personal experience; you have to do the DUE DILIGENCE not just take their word for it! In other words‚ I don’t get caught up in their hype; I go and investigate both them and what they offer.

Behaviors Break down that structure into the daily behaviors you need to take (actions) to create the outcome that you want.

Again this can be found from those who are already doing it. Follow what they are doing. Here is a key thing though‚ this isn’t about mimicking but about taking a set of steps and adapting them to you.

It’s important that it is you doing it not trying to be someone else. The reason why I say this‚ is it May look good‚ but you might find it doesn’t feel like you! I have learned that through my own evolution so I recommend that of course you try some new things‚ and definitely give it a little time‚ because


Think about it‚ when you first put on new shoes‚ they don’t feel like they are yours at first‚ it is when you wear them that they “break in” and mold to your feet‚ and how you walk‚ that they then become your shoes!

Always consult your budget (both the time you have to invest and your money

Most systems do have a cost some are both time and money‚ others are one or the other. But do expect there to be a cost. Everything does take some time to learn and become proficient at. If you think about it‚ every job is a system‚ there are special behaviors already in place‚that you must perform. When you first begin it is new‚ it’s going to take a while before you become proficient.

Understand that all systems require some attention

It would be great if there was some just post and forget systems‚ but even the most automatic require a set-up process. And lets face it please‚ there is no push button system that I have seen‚ because the last time I looked


It still takes the time that it takes‚ it takes maintenance‚ and time on your part. In most cases‚there are follow up calls or e-mailsto send‚ because at least for MLM Network Marketing‚ it’s about the relationship that you build that really creates the successful long term business!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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