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If you are not on the computer to answer any questions‚ does your profile do that for you? When someone wants to be my friend‚ I like to know a little about them‚ many people have not filled out the info‚ so there is nothing to look at.

Sometimes they don’t post a picture. To tell you the truth‚ I usually say no to those‚ and thats a loss‚ because that person is probably great‚ but I don’t know who they are‚ because they don’t tell me in their profile.

Updating an outdated profile. Sometimes things change. So always updating and adding is critical. I try to keep mine fresh.

If I am not here‚ anyone can visit my profile‚ and find out a lot about me. It assures that I am friendly‚ I love people‚ I care about people‚ and I am serious about my business!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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