In Think and Grow Rich‚ Napoleon Hill speaks about a mastermind. I have read it before‚ but I never got that before this time‚ because now being part of a mastermind‚ its a totally different picture! I failed before when I didn’t have one.

Napoleon Hill says that if two or more people “minds” come together with one purpose‚ working together they create a “third mind.”What that is‚ best described as a energy force that both of you can feel. Its hard to describe. It keeps you up at night.

And man‚ o‚ man does it deliver! Whoo the anwsers to all of the problems that you May be working on‚ they flow to you! Its incredible! And there is no drug on earth that will substitute for the feeling.

The connection‚ like I said if you haven’t exerienced it‚ hard to describe. (closest is the feeling after good sex) And I am not sensationalizing. It brings out creativity that you didn’t know you had.

You don’t need a kick in the butt‚ you jump through the highest hoop. You look for more to do. You see yourself doing things that maybe you couldn’t imagine before!

You don’t have to have anyone hold your hand every minute! Thats real!  Why do I talk about that? Because I have been by myself‚ trying to do it‚ trying to find the anwsers. I know that this is something that is best done with a team!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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