Why Live Events – Reason 4 – Absorb

How To Get The Most From Your Live MLM Events And Absorb What You Heard

Take Notes

First and foremost notes are very key.  Now another most important thing‚ don’t write it word for word‚ but key points that you can go back over. Also write impressions and ideas that they May trigger. Make sure that they are legible‚ and I suggest a special notebook just for that event.

It will make it easier. One thing that I have done‚ is get the spiral notebook with the notebook punches‚ and they tear out and go into a loose-leaf possibly under a tab so it’s easy to find later.

Go Over Them While Thoughts Are Fresh

In the evening it would be good to go over the notes‚ and write into the margins any thoughts or ideas that come to you while reading them. Also write questions when they come into your mind‚ because it will prompt you to ask them!

Refresh and Feed Your Body

Make sure you do take breaks and give yourself some breather space. It’s really easy to get caught up in the excitement of the event and wanting to talk to everyone so that you getburned-out and tired. Don’t do that to yourself‚ it would be very disappointing to not be able to be totally up to speed because of becoming ill or too tired to function during or right after the event.

Make sure to have plenty of water‚ hydrate yourself. Many times I have realized‚ when I am in a high energy environment‚ I need a lot more water than usual. I am expending more energy than I might in my own daily routine.

So hydrating is important. Make sure not to neglect the nutritional needs of your body. Your body will not function as well if you are pumping full of Caffeine‚ and not getting proper food during the time. Sometimes it might even mean‚ sacrificing one of the events but don’t neglect that!

Get Clarification

Often when I hear a speaker I have not heard before I May not totally understand what he was trying to say in his presentation. If there is a time when questions are appropriate‚ it is a good thing to ask for clarification when something they said was not understood. Most of the time‚ they are more than happy to give you more clarification.


And of course the most important part‚ to implement what you have gotten. Notes and attending events are not useful if you do not apply what was learned. Map out a strategy for yourself based on what your own impressions were. Sometimes there will be parts that do not apply or would not work for you‚ but maybe with some creativity could be adapted.


If you can counsel with either that individual or an upline mentor on how you can implement what you have learned. Mastermind together with others you trust to put those things into an action plan!

New Idea‚ New concepts

As I go myself to an MLM live event this morning‚ I thought it would be appropriate to share this video with you today about how important it is to come with an open mind ready to learn. Think of what you can learn if you come open and ready to learn‚ I could eqate that with an open door‚ inviting someone in. If the door is closed someone has physically open it‚ that is not a good place to start.

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