Why Mastermind!

Tapping Into The Energy Of The MLM Mastermind!

Shaun: Had a thought‚ for 20 years now in network marketing I can honestly say this‚my hero’s in business were not pills‚ they were not potions and they sure as heck were not systems but they were actual people‚ real people caring if I made it or not and not just worried if my autoship was set up for payment…

In network marketing WE — YOU — ME —ALL OF US are the product and without all of us living for one another‚  building our dreams together‚ many will fail‚ we will all fail. Together we can all achieve success — Together we can all move mountains — Together we can all change the lives of others and including our own. Hope we ALL have an awesome day‚ lets live it with passion!

Who is my hero? You‚ you’re my hero‚ you’re the one who leads not only teams and new generations with integrity and honesty but with most assuredly‚ heart. Shaun Lewis Wow this is the very essence of mastermind right here! When we can tap into our hearts and let them do the writing! Let our hearts lead us to what our destination is going to be‚ and when we can do that together with a consensus. believing in each other‚ it becomes magic!

Mastermind In the definition that Napoleon Hill gave‚ it was where many great minds came together to create something together. It was a special way to share our strengths and our weaknesses‚ creating a greater strength by being one with the other.

That oneness doesn’t mean we stop being individuals‚ but we trust enough that we can let the others see all of us‚and we share our own dreams and ambitions‚ and together we help achieve them. Get Close to the fire! Warm yourself in the positive energy of other like-minded people who are building their businesses! I talk a bit more about that in my video today:

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