I Will Build With Light And Love

I will not waste my energy in hate and darkness..

I already know where that leads..

(I wrote the rest of this a year ago, it still applies today on the anniversary of the inauguration)

It has been a most crazy political season..

It has been a time of great division..

I have at times felt myself being sucked into the darkness of those divisions and arguments..

This man Martin Luther King Jr. sacrificed his life for the purpose of bringing all men and women together..

I was just starting Junior High when he was killed..

In the same way.. Donald Trump made a sacrifice of his way of life to help us to bring our country back.. from what was a very bad direction..

Today there are approximately half that are sad and unhappy

And the other half is celebrating..

I purposely did not put up a whole lot of in your face posts, although I have seen them today..

Let us now do the work that this reprieve has afforded us..

We did not elect a preacher.. he cannot help with the Spiritual damage that has been done, only we can..

Let us help others to free themselves from the hate and divisiveness..

Only love can mend what hate has done..

I have been asked about supporting a man that was rough as a Christian..

It was really about the message..

We needed to bring our country back from the brink..

And that will take all of us..

I love you!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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