How To Win In MLM Getting Out Of The Lottery Mentality!

I just recently went to the No Excuses event this year‚ and it was held at Las Vegas. of course the whole mentality of Las Vegas is the lottery mentality.

In other words‚ pull the lever one more time‚ buy one more card‚ go cash one more check‚ this time you are the winner.

This time you are going to be lucky. They are betting on you that you will keep coming back because you just have to win.

Well unfortunately‚ I see this same mentality often in network marketing. I see many who are just going to play the slots for a while and see what happens.

They May invest a few of their hard earned bucks but they aren’t really going to jump all the way in‚ they are going to pull the lever a few times‚ and hope and wish‚ and not really do what it takes.

What it really takes!

To create a multi-million dollar business with lasting walk away income it is going to take a persistent effort over a certain period of time. It is going to take being willing to learn some skills. This is often the mentality of people that have never done network marketing:

“I want to start my own business‚ but I do not want to advertise– and I don’t want to sell anything.” Holy Crap… do people who say this really understand what they are saying? Imagine if McDonald’s did NO advertising and made NO sales! Or Wal-Mart — or ANY company that produces jobs/income for people. ALL businesses that make money require sales. ALL of them. To generate the most sales‚ you NEED to advertise.

Well how far do you think they are going to go? They aren’t this is merely that lottery mentality coming out in that form. I will do it if its handed to me but not if I have to do anything!

Buying Their Way In?

I have seen a few people talking about this‚ and I can’t say I like it much. Here is my take on that — if you do it‚ can the ones that you sponsor do it?

No they cannot‚ and the real business of building a lasting sustainable business is to do something that you can teach your downline to duplicate much the same way you did‚ even if they have less skills.

So this again is going to attract and build a list of those who again have that lottery mentality.

Break-through Theory

I want to dispel the attitude that many have that there is a break-through you must be looking for. I have never seen a real break through.

What you are actually seeing is the end result of someone who has been doing the daily activity and the momentum of his efforts have actually begun to kick in.

What is Luck Really And What Is A Break Through?

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